Failbetter Games
Digital Enterprise Greenwich
10th Floor, 6 Mitre Passage
SE10 0ER

Telephone: 0203 0402273,  but please don’t call us if you’re a recruitment consultant. If you do, we’ll play aggressively dissonant music at an unfriendly volume down the phone at you.

Mitre Passage is directly next to North Greenwich underground and bus station. From the tube, it’s this splendid building outlined in red:



Alexis Kennedy, CEO & Creative Director
Paul Arendt, Deputy CEO & Art Director
Henry Senior, Lead Developer
Liam Welton, UI Developer
Richard Johnston, CFO
Chris Gardiner, Associate Writer
Adam Myers, Analyst

Failbetter Games Limited is a company registered in England and Wales (7121579). Our registered office is at 12 Holly Court, London SE10 0BT.